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“How To Sell On Social Media...
​Even If Nobody Is Following You”
From The Desk Of Ryan Stewman
Dallas, TX.

Over the years I've had the privilege of working with, speaking on the stage and training people like Fredrik Eklund, Frank Kern, Russell Brunson, Dan Kennedy, Josh Flagg and more. 

You know what all those people that I just named have in common?

They've all made millions of dollars from social media. 

Please understand these results are not typical. I’m not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter).

But when it comes to Social Media...
You Have Two Choices:
You can become addicted to it, sedated by it, and distracted by it. 

Endless scrolling through news feeds and going down rabbit holes looking at your ex’s high school pictures from 1998.


You can use it intentionally use it to position yourself as an expert authority and make money in your business every day, no matter what it is you sell. 

So you have a choice.
Consume or Create
Here’s why I originally logged onto social media... 

I had a girl that broke my heart and I started posting the success I was having in the mortgage industry on my Facebook wall. 

I was hoping that she'd see it maybe come back to me. 

But instead what happened was... 
People started reaching out to me 
over and over again
They were asking me if I'd do their mortgage and at some point around 2010 it dawned on me that I was really onto something special. 

I had created a marketing mechanism through myself, through the modality of social media that nobody was using.

At the request of others 
I started teaching people how they 
could use social media too.
I started by helping people build up their loan business.

Then I started teaching people how to build up their real estate business.

 Then I started teaching business owners how to use social media.

I shared how to leverage organic and paid advertising strategies on sites like Facebook, Instagram, linkedIn, Snapchat and Twitter to be able to build big huge empires. 

Now I've put it all together in a book for you. 
That’s why I wrote the book 
Social Media Millions.
This isn’t some “fluff and stuff” book where you get a bunch of theory and just go do it “motivation” and then leave empty handed. 

It's my step-by-step blueprint and playbook of how I built myself up from nothing to having hundreds of thousands of followers, but more importantly how I built a multi 8 figure empire all by partnering with social media. 
Here's What You'll Learn From This Amazing Book:
  • 7 Ways to make sales on social media ...even if you have a tiny following and nobody's ever heard of you! On page 56
  • The new approach to tapping into the power of Facebook groups and have people private messaging you begging to give you their money. Page 38
  • How you can quickly turn friends and followers into paying clients without turning into a sleazy salesperson on page 50
  • 9 Unusual ways to get free leads from any social media sites that are easy, fun and don't cost you a dime! Page 74
  • The 5 step social media strategy of the century that catapults you to the top of the social search engines. Page 85
  • Exactly what to say to blow past the gatekeeper and get you in front of any decision maker fast on page 106
  • The number 1 mistake you should never make on Social Media. Page 122
  • A proven way to close sales on Instagram. Forget what you've seen before. These 9 strategies work much better. Page 131
  • The tale of two salespeople and how the ultimate sales follow up system will make you outperform anyone you know! On page 137
  • Secrets to getting free leads on LinkedIn. These 10 methods are so easy you'll wonder why everyone's not doing it. Put them into action and ring the bell. Page 141
  • 5 Copy and paste message replies that will stop objections dead in there tracks. (These aren't you regular run of the mill cookie-cutter comebacks) Page 157
  • Mindset hacks of a high performer. The three sales slump-busters that will break any cold streak on page 175
  • Why you need to immediately stop trying to sell to everyone under the sun. How to figure out who will be your best clients and where to find them on Social media. Page 183.
Here's What To Do Next:
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Step 2: When you get the book, read it cover to cover and put what you learn into action immediately. 

Step 3: Share it with your friends, share it with your referral partners and share it with other people who can be impacted by this book. 
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"Arguably one of the greatest sales trainers alive, if not one of the greatest of all time."

- Frank Kern
"If you talk about building engagement and a following, Ryan is someone you should watching. " 
- Nick Loise
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